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Mobbing Ford

This is the editorial cartoon by Graeme MacKay as it appeared in to-day’s Spectator.  The Hamilton and Toronto football teams play off in Toronto Sunday for a place in the Grey Cup game next week. Mayor Ford, a football enthusiast … Continue reading

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Tragedy and the Common Man

This morning at the bank, the doctor’s office, shopping in three different stores, the conversations I overheard were all about Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.  Although people lament the persistent media coverage and say they are sick of hearing about the … Continue reading

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Ford’s Folly

  Football and Ford’s Folly Posted on November 26, 2012 by motleydragon Ford’s Folly, part 2 Posted on November 27, 2012 Rob Ford, Part 3 Posted on November 30, 2012

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November 11

  Remembrance Day again…  we can take a sigh of relief that we have “done the right thing”, take the poppies off our coat, and begin shopping in earnest for Christmas.   In our public sphere… the offices and malls… Remembrance … Continue reading

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We were at home when the lights went out ten years ago.  From “the brow” above Hamilton we can see a great distance … on a clear day as far as the Toronto CN tower.  We did not know what … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather… again

Since the power came back on I have been exploring YouTube for versions of Stormy Weather.  This is from a live performance by Ben Webster in Copenhagen in 1965. Although there was severe damage to trees and property on our … Continue reading

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One of the more interesting print magazines I skim from time to time is published by the L.C.B.O… the liquor control board of Ontario, whose stores hold an almost total monopoly on the sale of liquor in this province.  (There … Continue reading

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