Sad News

Ellen Cropped tnThe writer of this blog, Ellen Collington aka Motley Dragon, passed away in the morning hours of Tuesday, November 19, 2013.  Her passing was sudden but peaceful, and she was watched over by people who loved her and whom she loved.  She did not have time to say goodbye, but we felt the warmth of her farewell.  She will be deeply missed.

Ellen kept this blog as a journal of ideas, a record of her own discoveries and adventures in the vast realm that is cyberspace. She often felt disappointed that the dialogue she longed for was not always forthcoming, and friends would have to remind her of the difficulty of making one’s voice heard online, of the “long tail” distribution of Internet site rankings and the loneliness of the long-distance blogger.

Despite the disappointments, Ellen persevered.  She loved her daily search for ideas and interesting things to share, and even when she didn’t hear back from readers, she held on to the hope that something she wrote here might someday reach out across time and space to touch someone with the spark of discovery.

To readers who followed “Invest Me in My Motley,” and especially those who took the time to leave a comment, sincerest thanks.  Your interest and attention meant more to Ellen than you may have known.

For any readers who live in the Hamilton area and who may wish to say goodbye, Visitation will be held between 6 and 9 pm today, Friday, November 22, at Cresmount Funeral Home in Hamilton, and a Memorial Celebration will be held at the same location tomorrow, November 23, at 10:30 am.  Further details can be found at the site of Cresmount Funeral Home here.

On behalf of Ellen/Motley Dragon, thank you dear reader, and farewell.


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3 Responses to Sad News

  1. F.P. says:

    I knew Ellen through quilting and I looked at her blog every time it arrived in my in box. It always provoked thought. She had a great sense of humour and lit up any room she entered. Her artistic talents knew no boundaries and enriched us all.

  2. debbierodgers says:

    I’m very sorry to hear of Ellen’s death. I’m one of those guilty ones who didn’t engage as often I (or Ellen!) would have liked, but I always read her discoveries with interest. Alas, I’m not in the Hamilton area any longer and can only say good-bye virtually.

    I hope you will keep your happy memories of her alive for generations. .

  3. Ishtar Enana says:

    A word launched in human space does not disappear. I have just discovered this blog, but alas after its author is gone. But I am sure I will enjoy her living words.
    Iam from the other end of the world, from Iraq, so she could reach me even after her passing away. RIP

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