Canadian Pride

7489347960_8fcdafaceb_z aaaasa Happy Canada Day!

July 1 is our national holiday, a good time to reflect on the many advantages of living here, in this time and place, and to be both grateful and patriotic.

Red and white… especially strawberries on the cake!

And there will be parades, of course. Bands and floats, convertibles with the local dignitaries, antique cars and the local fire engines, horses followed by clowns with wheelbarrows… all the good old stuff of small town life in small towns across the country.

The biggest parade will be in Toronto, the culmination of Gay Pride Week, which was opened by a proclamation from Mayor Rob Ford.  The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne will be in that parade, as well as units from many of our civic organizations and churches.

The Gay Pride Parade is an interesting expression of Canadian freedoms.

What a contrast between this and the streetscape when the city of Toronto was locked down exactly three years ago this weekend for the G8 and G20 Summits!

Just as the Canada Day and Gay Pride celebrations give us an opportunity to celebrate our rights and freedoms, the summit lockdown was a solemn reminder that we must not take them for granted.

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