Blobbing Ford (response)

A blog comment worth considering about yesterday’s post, MOBBING FORD.

from Curmudgeon Bludgeon 

I dunno about mobbing, Motley D, maybe “blobbing”? (Blogging about mobbing . . . get it? get it?) The funny thing is, scrolling down your main page I see that you anticipated the joke yourself way back on the eleventh: “I wrote about both Remembrance Day and Rob Ford last year. The links are in the next two blob [sic!] posts.” A subconscious slip of the processor? A blog about Rob is naturally a blob, and B and G are next to each other on the keyboard after all, lol. Or are you even slyer than we’ve always suspected? Hmm.

Anyway, sic! is indeed the word here. But I’m not sure about “mobbing.” The attack dogs of press and punditocracy are simply doing what they’re trained to do, and if ever there were a fat trouser-seat that had earned a biting it’s Our Ford’s. That’s just the problem, though: unless I’m misunderstanding Westhues, it seems to me that “mobbing” only applies as a viable sociological construct (i.e., one not expanded into meaninglessness by trying to make it cover too much) when the individual targeted really is (essentially) innocent of wrong-doing. For example, in the paradigm case, sexual harrassment charges amount to mobbing when some angry lesbian at the Womyn’s Centre decides that she doesn’t like, say, Dr. Summers’s* obsevations about the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields and suddenly “remembers” that time when he made a pass at her in the elevator . . . but not when it can be clearly shown that yes, Professor Fondle has indeed been running a gropes-for-grades cheerleader-pyramid scheme. (Ah but it was so sweet while it lasted . . . *sniff*)

In other words, mobbing is a highjacking of the mechanisms for internal policing within organizations. The victim cannot be shown to be incompetent or in dereliction of duty or any of the other things that would normally justify removal, and so a pretext must be found, typically by dipping into the squalid swamp of cultural marxist thought crimes for whatever mud seems most likely to stick. The process is one of active defamation and un-personing (all done, of course, with the best of intentions and in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards . . . ), but that such tactics are resorted to at all is, in effect, all the proof you need that the target was otherwise unimpeachable to start with.

Not so, surely, in the case of Rob Ford.

* These names are purely fictional, and for the purposes of example only. Any resemblance, etc., etc.

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