Gentlemen’s French

bcbcbcbcParlez-vous francais? Un peu?

If you have forgotten most of your high school French, here is a vocabulary drill. Living in Canada, an officially biligual country, I still have to go out of my way to speak or read French, although all official documents and packaging labels must include both languages.

At the moment I am reading a Kathy Reichs novel Meurtres a la Carte!  Although set in Montreal, it is hardly the kind of francophone literature and culture I worked so hard on at university! French-language television is marginally better than the English broadcasts… probably because we don’t see the worst here in southern Ontario… but I really couldn’t get my head around Downton Abbey when it was rebroadcast en francais. Trop bizarre!

This is from Barataria, a blog I follow, and have listed on my blogroll. Just click here  Gentlemen’s French.


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