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Remembering Sagan

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence: 2 Posted on November 12, 2012 by motleydragon I wrote about Carl Sagan last year as well.  Here are the links. Michael Shermer and his colleagues are keeping Sagan’s valuable work alive. The website and the … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall

November 9th is a remarkable anniversary in many ways.  This entry from the BBC lists other key stories besides its detailed review of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But what we remember most is the incredible surprise and elation … Continue reading

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Vatican asks for lay opinion

Really! They need to take a poll?  I can only hope that this is widely advertised, so that those who have left the church out of frustration will hear about it and find a way to participate. Even then, I … Continue reading

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A whole day nearer

I have used this link in my blog before (Les Vieux. (July 6, 2012).  The very old lady I referred to in that post, my mother’s last survivng friend, has since died.  She decided she was too tired to go … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

SARS doctor pleads for legalized assisted suicide in posthumous video This was a headline in today’s Spectator. Both my parents struggled through unnecessary pain and fear in their final days.  My mother went into the hospital “for tests” and never … Continue reading

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I have a dream

Fifty years ago to-day Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech at the March on Washington. I remember my mother, born in Canada but raised in Newark, New Jersey, was very anxious about the developments of the Civil Rights Movement … Continue reading

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The BARATARIA blog, to which I subscribe, often contains interesting information presented from a new… at least to me… point of view.  This is a good example. Another cycle of violence between angry mobs representing the majority religion flares up … Continue reading

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