Early Summer Food & Drink 2013One of the more interesting print magazines I skim from time to time is published by the L.C.B.O… the liquor control board of Ontario, whose stores hold an almost total monopoly on the sale of liquor in this province.  (There is also the Beer Store, formerly known as Brewers’ Retail, and the Niagara vineyards are permitted to sell their own product on site.)

The FREE magazine describes itself online:

Food & Drink is dedicated to the art of entertaining, inspiring readers with tempting recipes and the latest information on wine, spirits and beer. Food & Drink’s experts equip its readers with sophisticated, yet accessible, entertainment advice and tools for relaxing or socializing with family, friends and business associates. Beautiful photography and relevant articles are presented in a high-quality, oversized, perfect bound publication to create a guide for entertaining that readers refer to time and time again.

This is all true… and it also has the most beautifully photographed food layouts and best recipes I have seen anywhere.  The online search feature archives all the recipes… I can’t get the link to work!  Google LCBO recipe search!

So I was very interested when I found this article about paintings of food in The Smart Set.

FS_DAVIS_VANIT_CO_003At least Food and Drink allows us to indulge our food fantasies without momento mori, reminding us guilty consumers of the costs to body and soul of such indulgence.

To read about the perils to our health we must look elsewhere… culinary gloom and doom is all around us.  I’ll take F&D anytime!

Here’s a link to a recipe I hope to try… probably without the peppers!

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