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Kurt Vonnegut: 10 quotes on his birthday

This is reposted from The Christian Science Monitor… the quotes are definitely worth reading and thinking about… I could write personal journals using each one as a starting point. There is also a whole set of posters on Google Images … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en 7… Shelob

Spiders creep me out… even the “teensy weensy spider” that went up the water-spout in that children’s song. I know that spiders have an important niche in the ecosystem, including my garden, but that’s a moot point.  I don’t like … Continue reading

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Bad things, Good people

A terrible mass shooting occurred yesterday at a mall in Kenya.  The news now states that 68 are dead. No numbers are given for the injured, or the number of hostages still being held. My husband questioned why I found … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Infographic

How much fun is this! I subscribe to the dailyinfographic site and am often amused by what comes in. I have blogged about infographics previously: the cost of Hallowe’en, the idea of a “bucket list”, sugar in our diet, the political … Continue reading

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If I had a son

I just finished reading Jack Cashill’s book, If I Had a Son.  I highly recommend it! I would not ordinarily read and take seriously a work by Jack Cashill… many of his talks on YouTube, although articulate and interesting, come … Continue reading

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Snakes again… but this is the last, I promise! I once saw a live dance performance with a huge snake.  That was strange enough, but the circumstances were even more bizarre! This erotic and vaguely disturbing performance was given in … Continue reading

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The Speckled Band

“Do not fall asleep… your life may depend upon it.” Spoken with unhurried, calm assurance by the inimitable Jeremy Brett in his role as Sherlock Holmes. I have been watching Elementary, the latest take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. … Continue reading

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