Saying Goodbye

FRANK GUNN,Canadian Press Dr. Donald Low in this 2004 file photo

Dr. Donald Low in this 2004 file photo FRANK GUNN,Canadian Press

SARS doctor pleads for legalized assisted suicide in posthumous video

This was a headline in today’s Spectator.

Both my parents struggled through unnecessary pain and fear in their final days.  My mother went into the hospital “for tests” and never came home.  She begged me to smuggle in a hidden stash of pain killers she had prepared so that she could take her own life.  A diabetic, she had often laughed that she could overdose on a box of Laura Secord chocolates. I am a coward. I denied her both. Now I am sorry that having anticipated managing her own death, she was denied the opportunity to do so.

I have seen friends and colleagues in their final bouts with cancer.  As I have said before in my blog, it shouldn’t be this way. And it doesn’t have to.

The CBC news  paid tribute to Dr. Low’s spectacular contribution to medicine in Canada during the SARS outbreak in Toronto. It did not mention the eloquently convincing video he made a week before he died about the injustice of the Canadian law against assisted suicide.

I hope the video “goes viral” and has some impact. Please watch them both and tell your friends.

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