Stormy Weather


Saturdays in June are favourites for summer weddings. About twenty years ago we hosted my son’s June wedding here, in the garden, without a tent.  What were we thinking!? We were lucky with the weather… very lucky… as there really was no back-up plan besides crowding everyone in to the house. I can’t imagine ever being so optimistic and foolhardy again.

Has the weather changed so much in twenty years, or am I just more knowledgeable and cautious now?  We have had cold rainy weather all week here, but where I live there is really nothing to complain about… in comparison: storm warnings with possible tornadoes all across the prairies; a hurricane watch on the eastern seaboard; and the pictures of flooding in Europe are just awful.

Some brides will be disappointed to day.  The Heritage Day parade and celebrations in Ancaster and the huge outdoor garage sales for charity may be a bit damp.   Shoppers may opt for supermarkets instead of the open-air farmers’ markets. And it won’t be much fun walking, running, or cycling in the several sponsored charity races.

I plan to stay indoors and finish reading Dan Brown’s new book Inferno.

Besides, storms in other venues are much, much worse! Check this out!  7 kinds of severe weather (that are even worse on other planets).

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