Vatican asks for lay opinion

synodlogo1 Really!

They need to take a poll?  I can only hope that this is widely advertised, so that those who have left the church out of frustration will hear about it and find a way to participate. Even then, I am not optimistic because of the way statistics can be skewed for interpretation.

Without an expensive and intrusive poll I can give them the answer right now… most people enjoy sex; they will get as much as they can, wherever and whenever they can; if they can avoid the biological consequences, so much the better. Many people think that the church has really messed up in this area; many people also think this is none of the vatican’s business… and many of them have left.

I used a story  in my classroom. It applies equally to discussion of the effects of peer pressure or a study of democracy and world history.  “One day a child brought a pet rabbit to kindergarten class for show and tell.  Someone asked whether it was a boy bunny or a girl bunny. The brightest little girl immediately called out her answer… ‘Let’s take a vote!'”

Enough said! Click here to read the story from a leading catholic newspaper.

Vatican asks for parish-level input on synod document | National Catholic Reporter.

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