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A Rough History of Disbelief… 1

I no longer attend any church, haven’t for many years now, but Sunday morning still feels like a time set apart from the rest of the week… a time for taking stock of my life, reading about religion, history and … Continue reading

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Papal Campaign

The Spectator ran an article from AP this afternoon that both popes had written to a famous Italian atheist, Odifreddi, in reply to his book which posed a series of polemical arguments about the Catholic faith, including the church’s sex … Continue reading

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Bad things, Good people

A terrible mass shooting occurred yesterday at a mall in Kenya.  The news now states that 68 are dead. No numbers are given for the injured, or the number of hostages still being held. My husband questioned why I found … Continue reading

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Scathing obituary

This is such a sad story! And such a dramatic way to tell it. Scathing obituary about abusive Nevada mother goes viral. Why is there such strong feeling about “speaking ill of the dead”? True, the deceased are no longer … Continue reading

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The BARATARIA blog, to which I subscribe, often contains interesting information presented from a new… at least to me… point of view.  This is a good example. Another cycle of violence between angry mobs representing the majority religion flares up … Continue reading

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Voice of Reason

Always Question Authority is a blog that challenges thoughtful response. On its home page it states, “This blog is for the well-informed, and well-read with an independence of mind that place a high value on reason, critical thought, and general intellectualism.” High … Continue reading

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Order of Canada

Jan. 28, 1988, the day the Supreme Court declared Canada’s long-standing abortion law unconstitutional, was the greatest day in Dr. Morgentaler’s life. For the next 20 years, on the anniversary of the ruling, he held a dinner for key supporters … Continue reading

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