Advanced Style

Isn’t this fun! I was reminded of  these ladies and their irrepressible attitudes… I am dressed up for the theater of my life every day... by a more serious article that just arrived on Art and Letters Daily.

The lede runs, “Taste in textiles matters. Fashion is a lens on the history of civilization, says Francine Prose. But is it art?” The article, from Prospect magazine, titled rather pretentiously “Commerce, fantasy, fetishism” is a review of three new books about fashion.

Commerce, fantasy and fetishism, indeed. How does contemporary clothing, or the lack thereof, focus a lens on our civilization?

Never mind the sloppiness and real ugliness that we see all around us. On television one can watch  What not to wear, Say yes to the dress, Project runway, Four weddings Canada, Toddlers and Tiaras, and endless ads and promos on the shopping channels. And Miley Cyrus is in the news again for… wait for it… no clothes at all!

Style, real style, wearable, durable, comfortable S-T-Y-L-E,  is only to be found in the old movies from the classic movie channel.  For contemporary high style, look at the runway fashion shows on You Tube… who wears that stuff?

We can only hope that Katherine, Duchess of Cornwall, has a bit of influence, but I am not taking any bets.

Check out the various other blogs listed on YouTube under “Advanced Style”… When was the last time you saw anyone feeling so good about themselves and their appearance and having so much fun with it?

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