Harry Potter Infographic

How much fun is this!

I subscribe to the dailyinfographic site and am often amused by what comes in.

I have blogged about infographics previously: the cost of Hallowe’en, the idea of a “bucket list”sugar in our diet, the political right compared to the left, and the Olympics.The blog always ends with an invitation to share.

But this one is a favourite.   I first met the Myers-Briggs theory of personality types many years ago when it was used at a teacher in-service session.  The staff all took the test and then posted the results, which seemed to be astonishingly accurate. It was interesting to note the way many of our perceived strengths and weaknesses, both as individuals and as a “team” were captured in that mysterious four letter code. And we learned a new tolerance and respect for the traits that informed our interactions on a daily basis?


Have you ever done the test?  Write down your code before you look at the infographic of the characters in Harry Potter. Do you agree with either the description or the selection of characters.


Part of the fun for me is that my diagnostic matches one of my favourite characters in all literature… can you guess which one?


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