Michelangelo: The Fall and Expulsion-of Adam and Eve Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo: The Fall and Expulsion-of Adam and Eve Sistine Chapel

Not since the serpent tempted Eve in the garden, or Cleopatra clasped an asp to her bosom, have snakes received so much attention!

The comic/tragic way I heard about the attack in New Brunswick was very strange.  I was at the sixty-fifth birthday party for my brother, who lives in a wonderful apartment complex that shelters disabled adults under close supervision while encouraging as much community integration as possible.  One of the residents rushed in, clearly agitated, and told everyone that a terrible thing had happened, just up the street.  He hadn’t seen it himself, but everyone was talking about the snake that killed two people… there… just up the street.

Knowing how much Mike enjoys accidents and catastrophes, we humoured him for a few minutes, reassuring him that he must be mistaken, that this could not have happened.  Then we turned back to the party and he went outside, telling the story over and over again to himself and anyone he could get to listen.  The Ancient Mariner embodied.. It was only when I went on-line later in the evening that I learned that his terror was real, and that in his befuddled way he was attempting to warn us!

Suddenly snakes were big news…

UPDATE: 40 pythons found in Brantford motel

BRANTFORD A call to police about a loose snake at a Brantford residence led to the discovery of 40 pythons and five eggs in a Colborne Street motel.

On Friday afternoon, the Brant County SPCA said the snakes were doing extremely well and were being transported out of the county to a reptile facility within the province.

The pythons were found in Rubbermaid totes inside the motel room.

“The reason they were removed is because they were crammed into five totes amongst the 40 of them – it was extremely overcrowded and they had no water,” said Brandon James, of the Brant County SPCA.

The snakes ranged in size from about 30 cm to approximately 1.5 metres.

The investigation is ongoing and it is not known if charges will be laid.

Then we read in another news story:

In Hamilton, a 1.3 metre python was found Thursday night near Lawrence Avenue and King Street East. This is the second time a snake was found in the city in just over a week. On Aug. 7, bar patrons leaving Hess Village saw a one-metre python in a lot near King Street West and Hess Street.

And the story moves on:

46 illegal reticulated pythons discovered along with 50 legal snakes in Mission, B.C. rentalBritish Columbia is the latest province with a snake problem as officers discovered and euthanized nearly 50 illegal pythons in a home in the Fraser Valley.

Insp. Chris Doyle of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service said they were called to a house in Mission, B.C., on Thursday while the tenant who owned the snakes was being evicted.

Officers discovered 46 reticulated pythons which are prohibited under the province’s Wildlife Act without a permit — the longest snake was just over four metres in length.

‘Those snakes are a public safety risk.’—Insp. Chris Doyle, B.C. Conservation Officer ServiceDoyle said nobody had a permit for the snakes at the house, which is located in a residential area and is just a few blocks away from a school.

Conservation Officer Dave Cox told CBC News that an additional 50 snakes discovered in the home were legal.

Why, tell me why, would any one want to keep snakes as pets?  This is insane!

Shouldn’t we all be worried about such news, and react with Mike’s depth of anger, outrage, and fear. Mike’s unbelievable story wasn’t unbelievable after all.

This has reminded me of other snake stories… more to come.

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