arch-at-nagasakiThe BBC provides an online archive of its broadcasts and posts them chronologically on a daily basis.  To-day is the anniversary of the SECOND atomic bomb used against a Japanese city, three days after Hiroshima.

Reading the BBC script, with its matter of fact tone is a chilling reminder of the way nations and their armies objectify the enemy, editing out emotion and moral or ethical response.

There is a link below to the BBC archive and a terrifying eye-witness account of the size and scope of the explosion.

1945: Atom bomb hits Nagasaki (First broadcast 9 August 1945)

American forces have dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki – the second such attack on Japan in three days.

The bomb was dropped by parachute from an American B29 Bomber at 1102 local time.

It exploded about 1,625 ft (500m) above the ground and is believed to have completely destroyed the city, which is situated on the western side of the Japanese island of Kyushu.

Ignorant of the contamination risks they were taking, they were bussed to Nagasaki for transfer to Okinawa.
In a statement issued from Guam, General Carl A Spaatz, Commander of the US Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific, said: “The second use of the atomic bomb occurred at noon, August 9, at Nagasaki.

“Crew members report good results. No further details will be available until the mission returns.”

American airmen flying many miles from Nagasaki have said smoke from fires in the city was rising 50,000 ft (15,240m).

Nagasaki is one of Japan’s most important ports providing vital access to and from Shanghai.

Three days ago a similar device was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on Japan’s largest island, Honshu.

The extent of the damage caused to Hiroshima is not yet known but Japanese broadcasts indicate that “enormous devastation” has been done.

No reaction to the Nagasaki attack has yet been given by Japan but pressure is growing on the country to surrender. Yesterday the USSR joined forces with the allies and declared war on Japan.

The Americans have also warned the Japanese people that further attacks of a similar nature will be made unless they petition their emperor to surrender.

More than three million leaflets were dropped over the country today from American aeroplanes warning the Japanese people that more atomic weapons would be used “again and again” to destroy the country unless they ended the war forthwith.


Group Captain Leonard Cheshire talks about the Nagasaki explosion.

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2 Responses to Nagasaki

  1. Sufiya says:

    The main reason they targeted Japan with ‘the bomb”, of course, was because they are “other”; if it had been a ‘white” nation, it never would have happened. But “they” couldn’t wait to use their new “toy” on somebody, and since the “Japs” were neither white nor American, Japan was the perfect “testing ground”.

    It is a fact that all scriptures everywhere are in agreement on one thing: that this time ’round, the world ends in FIRE. Humanity now has the technology to do so, 32 times over, according to Dr.Helen Caldicott. The fact that there has been no deployment of a nuclear weapon against any nation since 1945 I consider quite the miracle, since we now have something like 70,000+ nuclear weapons currently in existence. But I am quite sure, that as the present “baby boomer’ generation dies off, the upcoming Generation Z, raised on a diet of violent war games and explosions and uninterested in anything other than their own appetites, will surely find the excuse at some point to make that sinister Doomsday prophecy a reality!

    • Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

      >> The main reason they targeted Japan with ‘the bomb”, of course, was because they are “other”; if it had been a ‘white” nation, it never would have happened. But “they” couldn’t wait to use their new “toy” on somebody, and since the “Japs” were neither white nor American, Japan was the perfect “testing ground”.

      Bullshit. So-called strategic bombing (aka carpet bombing/area bombing) was routinely practiced against Germany during WW2, primarily by the RAF but with the frequent participation of the USAAF as well. Estimates vary, as they inevitably do in these matters, but 400,000 to 500,000 is well within the ball park for the number of resulting dead.

      Development of the original A-bomb was carried out with at least the implicit assumption that any weapon that resulted would be available for use against Germany. The Einstein-Szilard letter of August 1939 specifically mentions Germany in its final paragraph, with the clear intention of goading FDR to action; and the Manhattan Project itself, once underway, proceeded in the urgent consciousness of needing to beat the Germans to the bomb–and if necessary, with it.

      It simply came too late. Given that the first working prototype was ready to test only in July of 1945, and given that Germany had already surrendered in May, there wasn’t much cause to use it against the Germans. But there’s no reason whatsoever to suppose that, had the bomb been available sooner, the US would not have been quite ready to drop it on one or more German cities. The record of wartime area bombing, as noted above, shows that the “Allies” were only too willing to kill the citizens of a fellow “white nation” by the tens and hundreds of thousands.

      The bomb is an ugly thing, and using it was an ugly deed, and I don’t defend either. But the reverse-racist, anti-white assumptions of the “use-it-on-the-Japs” argument won’t cut ice. There’s no reason to assume that the Japanese themselves would not have used the bomb against American (“white”) targets if they had had the technology, and there’s no reason to assume that its eventual use by the US against Japan rather than Germany was the result of anything more than the historical circumstance that, by August of 1945, Germany had surrendered but Japan still had not.

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