Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

images.jpgczcxzcHere are some conversational tidbits, courtesy of The Smithsonian magazine,  for the next barbecue you attend!

As kids we were told that eating bananas would attract mosquitoes, and recent rumor promotes carrying a dryer sheet in one’s pocket.  If these articles are true I may have to give up wearing black and drinking beer. Alas!

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?  

Too much information ? Here is even more evidence!

If you go to Google images to look at mosquitoes… and bites… you may just decide to stay indoors forever.

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1 Response to Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

  1. Sufiya says:

    Some people just DO attract some things more than others! I read a book on foot afflictions, written by a podiatrist, and he said the same thing about athlete’s foot: some people can wear shoes in locker rooms and take every sanitary precaution, yet STILL are engaged in a constant battle with it, and others can walk barefoot in that same locker room for years, take no special precautions, yet they never have even the slightest hint of athlete’s foot! Undoubtedly it’s a matter of “body chemistry”. I have known people who are violently allergic to mosquito bites and others who get bitten but never get ‘bites”. I have heard that taking a Vitamin B complex pill causes you to be unattractive to mosquitoes; there may be some merit in this. I have also found that putting out burning incense coils (readily available in Chinatown; they burn literally for HOURS, and much nicer-smelling than the stench of citronella) on the deck early in the evening, means less mosquito pesterment later on when I want to look at the stars.

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