Bucket List

images.jpggfgdf I don’t have a “bucket list”, that list of things to do before you die, and I haven’t really thought much about what I would include.

The idea became popular after a 2007 film about two terminally ill men who escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Among my friends it has become a tongue-in-cheek excuse for doing silly things they can’t justify any other way… like eating poutine, or watching a whole season of a TV series in one marathon session.

This infographic, more background here, outlines the  dreams of a group polled in the UK last year. Just click on the image to enlarge it.


If I did have a bucket list, I would have to go back in time to a much younger, fitter, richer, and more adventurous self.

Since that can never be, I’ll participate vicariously… musing over websites like this one that specializes in hiking photography in western Canada. This looks so amazing, in every way I can imagine.

What’s on your “bucket list”?

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3 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    First, the musical accompaniment:

    And now the Nietzsche:


    Of course Nietzsche is talking about repeating the past and not playing with some hypothetical to-do list for a foreshortened future, but the underlying lesson still applies. If you have lived authentically, you really shouldn’t have all that much to change. (Or at least that’s the idea, lol.)

    One thing I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing, if I knew I had a year to live, I wouldn’t waste a second of it worrying about my “bucket” list. There’s a hole in it anyway,
    dear Liza
    dear Liza
    there’s a hole in my bucket list
    dear Liza
    a hole.

    (cue music for eternal return . . . )

    You too have lived well, Motley D.

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