A Civics Lesson

Still more about Canada… from Rick Mercer, a popular Canadian comedian, television personality, and political satirist.

The basic facts are accurate, if dated by a few years.  (Michaëlle Jean’s term as Governor General finished in 2010, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is about to face another election challenge.)

Yes, of course it is ridiculous, but somehow the “system” usually works.

You have heard, of course, that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.  This is unfair to camels, but may be relevant in this context. Decisions about how we govern ourselves have evolved over time, working around traditions and forming uncomfortable alliances and necessary compromises.

Yes, I would tell the students in my history classes, it may seem illogical now, but at the time each decision was made it was right and necessary. To undo it now would be both incredibly complicated and destabilizing, although the current scandals in the Senate have many people wondering whether changes can and should be made.

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