Epic Illustrations Of US Presidents Fighting In Battle

Epic Illustrations Of US Presidents Fighting In Battle.

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3 Responses to Epic Illustrations Of US Presidents Fighting In Battle

  1. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    LOL, you forgot Sarah:

  2. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    More seriously, the pictures don’t really work because they fail to distinguish the various presidents in any meaningful way. What is the point of political caricature if you take the political context out of it? Of course, one could reply that the pictures aren’t meant as political caricature, but then that’s just the problem: they’re not really interesting as art (basically, video games graphics with a dude in a top hat here, a dude with a wig there, etc.), and so apart from Haha it’s George Washington, there isn’t much more to take away from them.

    Which is a lost opportunity, since obviously there’s lots that could be done in this vein, with a little thinking put into it (John Kerry being swiftboated, W landing on an aircraft carrier and hitting the eject button by accident, etc., etc.).

    Maybe it was simply the badness of the images that interested you? They do come from So Bad So Good after all . . .

    Anyway, for whatever reason, your “Epic” pictures reminded me of the Tea Party kitsch of Jon McNaughton. Check out his “Forgotten Man” and “One Nation Under God” for example. Or a personal favorite: “Via Dolorosa.” He’s down on Obama and up with Jesus, should be just about right to drive you nuts.

  3. motleydragon says:

    Hello CB
    I agree the images could have much more impact if they were given a clear political or satiric context. Perhaps it is implicit and too subtle for me (us?) to grasp. I sometimes find the realism of photoshopped images unsettling… these are too preposterous to be taken seriously, but we now receive so much information non-verbally and from a variety of unproven media sources that the potential for mischief and harm is great. You literally cannot believe your eyes.

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