Photographing Quilt Shows


Needlelace, free embroidery, and hand quilting
Ellen Collington, 2012

Many quilters enjoy taking photographs of the quilts they want to remember. Lists of titles do little to help you remember details, and even a catalogue with small photos and artist’s statements may be very unhelpful. Some quilt guilds, for a few years, sold CD’s of such photos.

I have stopped using my camera at shows… it undermines my up-close-and-personal examination of the works by permitting me to rush through and count on a photographic image for later analysis and appreciation. Now I would rather linger over a few extraordinary pieces, revisiting them several times during the show.

I have been to the new Threadworks show at the Wellington County Museum twice… the first time with a group of impatient friends who rushed through, and the second time for three hours of total concentration and absorption. I plan to go again… no camera allowed, no camera needed… besides, the images are right here!  And all the images of the SAQA trunkshows currently travelling are right here also.  The online photos are a muted imitation of the real thing… but they do provide a record of the show.

So leave your camera at home.  I believe using it at a show is intrusive and distracting both to yourself and the other viewers.  For important shows it is also probably quite unnecessary.

Anna Hergert just wrote an interesting article about the ethics involved. I have reblogged it here:

A Word About Ethics: Photographing Quilt Shows and Judging.

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One Response to Photographing Quilt Shows

  1. Anna Hergert says:

    Thank you for sharing your own thoughts on the topic. I appreciate the reblog!

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