Capital Punishment

ttrThree jurors from the hung jury that was unable to agree on the sentence for Jodi Arias have spoken out about their experiences.  This incredibly horrific trial   ended inconclusively, so now another jury must be selected to determine the sentence. Would a different group of jurors be able to come to a different conclusion?

The United Nations vigorously opposes capital punishment, and the policy in the United States is inconsistent. In Canada the practice has been banned since 1976, the last executions were held in 1962, and Canada will not extradite prisoners subject to a capital charge.

Jodi Arias deserves no mercy. She was found guilty of murder in the first degree beyond any reasonable doubt. Her testimony, demeanour, and behaviour all seem to confirm that she is a narcissistic psychopath who deserves the most serious punishment.

For that reason I would have voted against the death penalty. Lethal injection, a quick and painless death, would spare her years of isolation and frustration, to say nothing of the brutalities of prison life and the usual human trauma of illness, injury and old age.

We deny euthanasia and assisted suicide to those who face incredible pain and hardship and who want to die. Anyone who has had to watch a loved one go through this, even with morphine for “pain management”, would agree that we treat our aging and injured pets more compassionately.

Jodi Arias should be forced to live… as long and as miserably as possible. The ultimate punishment for Jodi would be to lock her away, treat her like any other death row inmate, and forget about her.

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