Jesus died for YOU!


I just answered an email from a friend and reader of this blog who wondered about my silence.  We are in the middle of a very large renovation project that has disrupted our routines and taken up a great deal of time.  But that is not the only reason.

I have planned and discarded three blogs since Cats… all about religion. Easter makes me   anxious and depressed… it brings back disturbing memories of the effect it had on me as a child.

I am trying not to let my blog become a vehicle for venting  anger at what I can only describe as psychological child abuse in my religious upbringing.  But there have been three front page articles in the SPEC about the stations of the cross, so I guess the hideous practice continues.  More later…

meanwhile here is my entry from Good Friday last year…

“Happy Easter”

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One Response to Jesus died for YOU!

  1. Sufiya says:

    The cold hard fact of it is that if Jesus “died for anyone”, it was for those who went BEFORE, not those who “came after”. It is also a fact that next to nothing is known of the historical Jesus; about all that is known is that he existed; all the accounts were written at least 40 YEARS after the fact, plus a good bit of it was hyped up and fabricated by St. PAUL, who was impressed with the story of the death of Jesus (who appears to have been some sort of fanatic)and so spun it into a fantastical tale of heroic redemption and peddled it everywhere. I can tell you this is true because I have spoken to those who have theological degrees and who have studied the actual texts and are familiar with what was ACTUALLY written, as opposed to what the CHURCH wants you to believe.

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