Blackberries and Dongles

This is breaking news to-day:  A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control

I wish I had more time to write my ideas about women who expect the business world to cater to their sense of entitlement and hypersensitive political correctness.  They are only making it more difficult for women seeking employment on an equal footing with their male colleagues.  She was listening in on someone else’s conversation, and this is hardly sexual harassment.  The male kibitzers sitting behind her may have seemed offensive to her, but her outrage and tattle tale reaction were ridiculous and the consequences are very sad.

Research in Motion (RIM) is a very successful Ontario company that manufactures the Blackberry.

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One Response to Blackberries and Dongles

  1. Sufiya says:

    It doesn’t do anything for women’s credibility either when they feel free to be irresponsible about their personal safety and then refuse en masse to accept any sort of personal responsibility for their misfortune. if I get drunk and smash up a car, I am responsible for the state of the car. if I get drunk and get raped or molested as a result, i am as responsible for the state of my body as I am for the state of the car! That doesn’t exonerate the perpetrators, but insisting that some drunk nincompoop is “not to blame’ for putting herself in harm’s way only serves to reinforce the notion that women are helpless children that need to be controlled and “protected” for their own good! True, not all incidents of rape can be avoided, but I tell you true: If I had $20. for every tale of woe i have heard, that a little common sense, sobriety, or a helping of ‘backbone’ could have easily prevented, I’D BE RICH. If i had $20 for every tale I have heard where “nothing could have been done to avoid it’, I’d be POOR.

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