Irresistible Literary Males

Literary Men We Love

Literary men we love

35 fictional males to swoon over

Some of the most attractive men in history are found on the pages of great books – and come alive only in the imagination of their readers. In this gallery, Stylist invites you to curl-up with 35 of the most irresistible literary males. Swoon over Bronte’s Byronic hero Heathcliff, Homer’s fearsome Achilles, and charismatic rebels like Catch-22’s Yossarian, revel in the inappropriate allure of intelligent killers like Dostoevsky’s Raskolnikov and Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and be seduced by the arrogant charms of the likes of Rhett Butler, the intelligence of Sherlock Holmes, the gruff swashbuckling Richard Sharpe, and the dangerous but delicious Edward Cullen.

I really can’t choose a favourite!  It’s like being at a dessert buffet table and knowing that you can only taste one.  This British blog (click here) invites us to decide and then twitter our selection.  The challenge does make me want to reread a few of these…

So, what do you think?  Who was missed? I have a few more candidates!

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One Response to Irresistible Literary Males

  1. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    Lol, how did Raskolnikov get on the list?

    And they forgot Gollum!

    More seriously though, it says something, I think, about our “literary culture” (I won’t say what the what is, lol) that someome can come up with such a list, but that an equivalent one with the gender shoe on the other foot is just about inconceivable. Think about it.

    Who’s the Hottest Babe in Books?

    1) Elizabeth Bennet
    2) Lady Macbeth
    3) Hester Prynne
    4) Cinderella
    5) Jane Eyre
    . . .
    35) Grendel’s mother

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