A Map of a Woman’s Heart


Published by D.W. Kellog between 1833-1842, this amusing Map of the Open Country of Woman’s Heart paints the “fairer sex” in a rather unflattering light. From the mole traps in the Province of Deception, to the city of Moi-meme in the Land of Selfishness, to the Plains of Susceptibility in the Region of Sentimentality, this ever-so-charming illustration certainly demonstrates this Victorian gentleman’s equal taste for maps and disdain for women. I suspect this fellow must have had a recent broken heart (see The Museum of Broken Relationships). But then again, that just be my Jilting Corner (in the Land of Coquetry, of course) talking…

A Map of a Woman’s Heart, 1833-1842  from A Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things…

and even more thought-provoking ideas from Beauty, Virtue, and Vice

with more Maps of the Human Condition   here…

Yes, it’s back.  The stores were rolling out Valentine’s Day kitsch even before they sold out the last of the discounted Christmas stuff.  The modern liturgical calendar is dictated by Hallmark… no Second Sunday of Lent, but the first week of Mother’s Day or Back to School, or Hallowe’en.

But I do find this heart-shaped map intriguing.  The question is: How would we draw the map to-day?

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