Pride and Prejudice


To-day is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. 

This scene of the first proposal, which cannot be embedded in the blog, is one of the best in the BBC production. Click here for it. 

If you are feeling rushed, here is a composite of the entire series in ten minutes!

And here is the wonderful second marriage proposal.

This afternoon I will enjoy my snow day by finding my old VHS tape and watching the whole film while I sit and embroider.

landf-45inUnfortuntely I have not started the Quilted Diamonds Quilt inspired by Jane Austen’s own quilting. The intricate pattern, designed by Ontario quilter, Linda Franz,  consists of many hand quilted little diamonds, each tagged with a favourite quotation from one of Austen’s books.

Thank you, Jane Austen, for the many delightful hours you have given us over the years.

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One Response to Pride and Prejudice

  1. lindafranz says:

    Hi Ellen! It has been a long time since we met in person and it is great to hear from you. Maybe now is the time to start that quilt, eh? Happy 200th anniversary! Linda & Monkey

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