The Great Confession


From Awaiting the Great Confession,  January 15, 2013 The NYTimes

You do have to hand it to Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey, two icons — one disgraced, the other faded — who have found a way to milk several days’ worth of attention out of awaiting the Great Confession. The good news is, we have been dripped on by the leak that Armstrong did indeed admit he used performance-enhancing drugs. (In other news: the world is round.) That gives us two more days to figure out where the Oprah Winfrey Network is in our cable lineup before Thursday’s broadcast. The bad news is, the interview has been taped, so all of our great suggestions for what Winfrey should ask Armstrong are going to go for naught. Had she only called first. The NYTimes

And from the Hamilton Spectator.

This, from the great man himself:

“When you win, you don’t examine it very much, except to congratulate yourself. You easily, and wrongly, assume it has something to do with your rare qualities as a person. But winning only measures how hard you’ve worked and how physically talented you are; it doesn’t particularly define you beyond those characteristics.

Losing on the other hand, really does say something about who you are. Among other things it measures are: do you blame others, or do you own the loss? Do you analyze your failure, or just complain about bad luck?

If you’re willing to examine failure, and to look not just at your outward physical performance, but your internal workings, too, losing can be valuable. How you behave in those moments can perhaps be more self-defining than inning could ever be. Sometimes losing shows you for who you really are.”
Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts


I hope this belated headline grabbing “confession” does him no good… nor Oprah for that matter. The man is a cheat and a liar, who disgraced his sport and his nation, and led many other athletes into the belief that they had to follow his destructive example to stay in the game. Blood doping and steroids!  He does not deserve another hearing, another moment of our attention!

Oh, the pain… just look at the anguished expressions on their faces.

What a shame… in every sense of the word.

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