Boxing Day

christmas sale Boxing Day!

This is not the way I remember it.  It used to be the day put the house in order… remove the wrapping paper and bows, restore the dining room table to its usual size, take the extra chairs back to the places they belong, feast on the leftovers, and read your Christmas books. It was also an afternoon for informal visiting.  Now it is a day of frenzied shopping.

TsunamisToday is also the anniversary of the tsunami that devastated Indonesia in 2004.

Measured in lives lost, this is one of the ten worst earthquakes in recorded history, as well as the single worst tsunami in history.

Indonesia was the worst affected area, with most death toll estimates at around 170,000.   However, another report … estimated the death… a total of 280,000 casualties.

We are going to spend the day quietly at home, waiting for the winter blizzard predicted to arrive by mid-afternoon. Fortunately we do not have to go anywhere and everyone else is busy at the mall!

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2 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. Everything (malls, liquor stores, and so on) is closed here in Nova Scotia today. Movie theatres are open, though – I hope to see Life of Pi this evening.

    BTW we have no snow here and only flurries in the forecast for the next few days. Ontario is really having a bad year, isn’t it?

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