Рождественская история: The Christmas Story

Serenity. Simplicity. Sincerity. Christmas Eve is just two weeks from tonight!

Tired and impatient with the frantic consumerism of Christmas here,  I wondered whether there any Russian Christmas cartoons  like the whimsical versions of Winnie the Pooh I blogged August 6, Kangrchooleishens.

I found this perfect little gem… wordless, the story told by wonderful imagery (is that a Chagall angel?) and music by Beethoven and Bach.

Рождество Христово – мультфильм Михаила Алдашина.flv

Мультфильм очень нежный, наполненный ощущением чуда, которое произошло одной волшебной ночью в простом хлеву для домашнего скота. Идеальный мультфильм для детей, рисованный, очень образный, добрый, натуралистичные звуки и органичное оформление музыкой Баха, Бетховена. Без речи, но интуитивно понятный, а это, во-первых – включает воображение, во вторых: к тому же, если его будет комментировать мама – это будет идеально для малыша.

With the help of Google translation, this says: Cartoon very gentle, full of a sense of wonder, which happened one magical night in a simple barn for livestock. Perfect cartoon for kids, cartoon, very imaginative, kind, naturalistic sound design and organic music of Bach, Beethoven. Without speech, but intuitive, and it is, first – includes imagination, second: in addition, if the mother would comment – it would be perfect for a baby.

According to Wikipedia, this is how Christmas is observed in Russia.

As in some other Eastern Orthodox countries, and due to the 13-day difference between the newer Gregorian, and older Julian Calendars, Christmas is celebrated on January 7. Unlike its Western counterparts, Christmas is mainly a religious event in Russia. On Christmas Eve (6 January), there are several long services, including the Royal Hours and Vespers combined with the Divine Liturgy. The family will then return home for the traditional Chrismas Eve “Holy Supper”, which consists of 12 dishes, one to honor each of the Twelve Apostles. Devout families will then return to church for the “всеночная” All Night Vigil. Then again, on Christmas Morning, for the “заутренняя” Divine Liturgy of the Nativity. The tradition of celebrating Christmas has been revived since 1992, after decades of suppression by the Communist government. Christmas is now a national holiday in Russia, as part of the ten-day holiday at the start of every new year. While Christmas is increasingly important, many Russians continue to focus on the New Year’s celebration.

During the Soviet period, religious celebrations were discouraged by the officially atheist state. However, a number of Russian Christmas traditions were kept alive by shifting them to the secular New Year celebration. These include the decoration of a tree, or “yolka” (spruce, or sometimes pine), festive decorations and family gatherings, the visit by gift-giving “Dyed Moroz” (Дед Мороз “Grandfather Frost”) and his granddaughter, “Snegurochka” (Снегурочка “The Snowmaiden”). Many of these were brought to Russia by Peter the Great after his Western travels in the late 17th century.[citation nee

The same website will take you all around the world!

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