Black Friday… Buy Nothing Day

American Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, which threatens to erode and destroy the family celebration of togetherness and gratitude.

The news programs this morning show shoppers lined up around the block waiting to enter stores offering  “blockbuster bargains”. Eager shoppers with manic grins race to be first through the doors and grab their carts. Aggressive shopping is the key… it doesn’t matter what you buy, whoever “saves” the most wins. Greed rules.

But some people are fighting back. Today may be “Black Friday” for some… the day when retailers can finally post a profit (in black rather than red ink)… and retail workers denied the thanksgiving holiday that everyone else enjoys see the world in a very black mood. For some people “Back Friday” is also “Buy Nothing Day”, although  promoters are also quick to reassure us that we can celebrate this abstinence more than once a year, and on any day we choose!  Read about it here. And a Google search for Buy Nothing Day will turn up dozens of interesting sites.

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