Mir Moiré

Mir moiré is a fascinating combination of computer generated abstract art and synthesizer music.  There is a strange and soothing serenity to the slow-moving modifications and quiet music.  Some of the colours are amazing, but the black and whites have a graphic impact all their own.

If you don’t have the time or patience to watch the whole video at one time, it is possible to slide the icon on the bottom of the screen across the timeline and look for patterns that particularly interest you.

The YouTube web page will give you detailed information about the music.

I don’t think these are fractals, although the video does appear to include contain some Mandelbrot sets. I have been fascinated by fractals for many years, and blogged about Fractals by Sven Geier on April 15 2012.  In a later blog, May 18, I used a wonderful fractal as illustration.

I may leave this running quietly in the background when I am not at my computer instead of using a static screen saver.

Another wonder of modern technology! Let me know what you think of it…

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