My City of Ruins

My City of Ruins” is a 2000 song written and performed by Bruce Springsteen.

Images and discussions of the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy have saturated the media and our awareness all this week. Anything I could add would be irrelevant and redundant.

Sometimes it is necessary, not to try to think about things, but just to try to feel them. What is it like to live in a city of ruins?

Please read this article about the history of the song!

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2 Responses to My City of Ruins

  1. Sufiya says:

    Puh-leazzze…not to denigrate anyone, but when I think about how much DEATH , DESTRUCTION, and “ruination” the American ‘war machine’ has brought to the lives of thousands of other people around the world, I at least cannot help but think it is unseemly of them to snivel and moan about their “hardship” in light of this cold hard fact! Looks like the Yanks might have to divert some of the funding away from that ‘war machine’ of theirs to focus on their OWN ‘victims’ for once! I bet it burns Yank butts BIG TIME to realize they CAN’T blame any of this on “the Muslims” or on “terrorists”!

    • motleydragon says:

      You sound very angry. Please do not use my blog to spread hate. I am posting this only because you have sent some other comments and I thought they might be the beginning of a conversation.

      There is no doubt that the “American war machine” has created much misery and suffering, but that has nothing to do with the aftermath of the storm. Millions of people are hurting. Perhaps ruined cities at home will teach everyone to be more compassionate abroad.

      I follow the political scene quite closely. Your comments about Muslims or terrorists are quite unreasonable and unrealistic.

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