Hallowe’en 5… Scary Infographics

Information graphics are visual devices intended to quickly and clearly communicate complex information. The devices include, charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists.  Among the most common devices are horizontal bar charts, vertical column charts, and round or oval pie charts, that can summarize a lot of statistical information. Diagrams can be used to show how a system works, and may be an organizational chart that shows lines of authority, or a systems flowchart that shows sequential movement. Illustrated graphics use images to related data…  tables are commonly used and may contain lots of numbers. Modern interactive maps and bulleted numbers are also infographic devices. (Wikipedia)

Infographics are a fascinating way to represent and compare information. I am both a visual and a verbal learner, but visual display is much more effective for me if I want to remember complex statistical analyses. I always learn something interesting from the Info graphics that come into my email  daily. You can see to-day’s graphic and access the archive, as well as register for this service here.

So I can not leave Hallowe’en without inviting you to take a look at these infographics about the subject... amazing! (Please click on the underlined links.)

Now, wasn’t that really scary!?

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