Insult Me

Soft Language, my blog Oct 17, elicited an interesting response about avoiding the cliches of bad language and finding more creative ways to express annoyance. Sufiya’s recent comments have been very interesting, and I hope she continues to read and comment on IMIMM.

You too… I would love to hear from you. If you have already done so and your comment has not appeared, it has probably been caught in the spam filter on my computer. In an effort to protect me from pornography, Viagara ads, and other inappropriate material, it also automatically deletes brief generic comments like “great blog, keep it up!”

To get past the filter, write more, tell us your ideas about the content of the blog, and move the discussion forward. You can also email through Motley’s Mail, always available under curiosity and enthusiasm on the blog banner.

Curmudgeon Bludgeon, usually cantankerous in his comments, sent a one line email under the title Blog it!  I certainly will. Thank you, CB.

If you need to review… here are “the one hundred greatest Hollywood insults of all time”. They show a remarkable lack of imagination and variety…  proof perhaps that American screenwriters are as dumb as we suspected! Only the last one has any real punch… and it lacks all the commonly used “bad words” and is stolen from a book!

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