A Living Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova, a 21 year-old from the Ukraine, has been described as a living Barbie doll. Her metamorphosis has aroused considerable controversy.

The impact of Barbie on real girls and women, appears at its most extreme in the story of Valeria Lukyanova.

Yes, the likeness is uncanny, but how can it be explained? Is this a photoshopped fake, or has this young woman submitted to extreme facial and body modification from plastic surgery?

The internet is filled with images and argument.

Is it a legitimate desire for personal fulfilment or a symptom of madness to want to alter one’s appearance so drastically?

Is it healthy, mentally or physically, to want to live in another persona, especially one so exaggerated and unnatural?

Is it ethical to employ the very important resources of plastic surgery, necessary to help so many desperately scarred and malformed individuals, to satisfy this obsession with an unreal, commercial, almost robotic image?

What do the CEO’s at Mattel think of this… are they appalled, or preparing to offer her a lucrative promotional contract?

There is an interesting slide show compiled by blogger, Tookie Harvard, here:

I was curious about Valeria’s appearance on this Russian language talk show. Obviously this is not photoshopped. Valeria walks and talks, albeit with studied and almost robotic precision, and sits demurely and very still, as any well-behaved doll would do. There are two other, less successful wannabes on the program, and I think their mothers. One appears rather pathetic, the other is boisterous and pushy. The panel seems to be having a great discussion… I would love to understand the language. I was amused trying to guess, from facial expression and body language alone, the gist of what they are saying.

Matrushka nesting dolls… traditional Ukrainian folk-art.

What is your reaction?

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