Bruce Trail Day

Today, Sunday September 30, 2012, has been officially designated Bruce Trail Day. That is  really silly. As far as I am concerned, every day is Bruce Trail Day! The trail runs past our front door, and within a very short distance we can hike several side trails, into the Iroquois Conservation Area, across and down the side of the escarpment on a long abandoned radial trail, and back up by the steps that overlook the Chedoke golf course.

Three local business men have undertaken to hike the entire 885 km length of the trail from Queenston to Tobermory in thirty days, and to raise money for children living in poverty as they do so. They have been joined by a friend from Finland, whom they met in Antarctica.

They passed our house the day before yesterday, although we did not see them… dozens and dozens of people pass by every day: cyclists, hiking groups, joggers, and neighbours with their pets.

A friend  hiked the trail alone to mark her fiftieth birthday!

But the strangest story I have found is this blog from a hiker who was attempting to break the record for doing it barefoot.

His blog also has a wonderful photo of Sherman Falls, just one of the 126 waterfalls in Hamilton.

If you search Google Images for Bruce Trail, you will find 61 pages (with 15 entries per page) of wonderful images.

Here is a charming video about hiking the trail.

Now I think I will tear my husband away from the piano, call my little dog, Motley, and go for a walk!

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