Get Over It!

The news this morning is serious, very serious!

The Hamilton Spectator, I am confident, is no better and no worse than thousands of other papers around the world. They just don’t get it. We don’t care that much about the monarchy! We especially don’t care about the antics of the the “young” royals… or even the older, for that matter.

Royal or not, they have no business taking off their clothes and engaging in intimate behaviour on the balcony of a house within clear view of a major road. Such behaviour  shows  a lack of judgement, a sense of entitlement, a taste for risk-taking that is quite deplorable.

Now they can keep the story alive by suing… they really NEED to punish the magazine, to express their self-righteous indignation, to enjoy the titillation (bad pun intended) of the public’s voyeuristic curiosity!

Enjoy the photographs, or hate them, or both; they will only add to her myth. The worst nightmare for monarchy is indifference. Tabloid tales and tawdry soap opera do not diminish it, if other family members are more stable, or too old to take their clothes off, or to play strip pool. Fascination, no matter the vessel, no matter how squalid, is essential.

Read the rest of this comment by Tanya Gold from The Guardian . It adds depth and breadth to our understanding of this bizarre episode… and of Kate… I refuse to use her deferential formal title.

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