Newsroom... have you seen this before. A friend told me about it this afternoon. The program has not been available as part of the cable package we subscribe to, so I had not seen it.

Aside… That could bring up a whole different rant. We watch very little television but in order to obtain the one news channel my husband wants, we must pay for all kinds of things we don’t want and never watch: sports, shopping channels, religious broadcasting, foreign language broadcasts, Honey Boo Boo to mention only a few. Yet we often miss programs we would like to see. Why can’t we choose from a menu the channels we want, and pay for them only? I simply do not believe that there would be a technical problem with this… Back to Newsroom

There are two trailers are on YouTube, and they raise a very good question about the purpose of news broadcasting, how content should be selected, whether the broadcasters should maintain a neutral position, how much we can believe.

I have just finished two weeks of intensive involvement watching political stories… including a major political upset in Canada. That’s how my friend and I got around to talking about politics and she told me about this program.

Refreshing. Thought-provoking. I want to see more.

How would you answer the question? Are these statistics as condemning as they sound; is the response exaggerated, too bleak, or right on? What do you think?

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2 Responses to Newsroom

  1. debbierodgers says:

    I’m sure others have checked out the stats and that they’re accurate. America may be the most powerful country in the world (mostly as a result of their tremendous spending on defense) but it’s not the “greatest”, at least in the terms ‘sorority girl’ used.

    Was his answer too bleak? I don’t know. I think the show is already pulling punches, insinuating that, not long ago, America was the greatest. When was that? And I suspect the bottom line of the series will be to stir American patriotism: America should be the greatest country in the world – let’s make it that way again.

    P.S. yes – the cable rant. I so agree.

    • motleydragon says:

      Thanks for your reply. I think his answer was bleak, but that is because the situation is bleak… and I am not sure that either political party can improve it.

      Your idea about the show trying to pump up patriotic fervour is interesting. But don’t you think there will probably be more people denying the accuracy of the description than there are those trying, sincerely trying, to fix it?

      I will be watching for this series on DVD so that I can see more.

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