On several occasions this week, I attempted to start conversations with friends about the Republican convention. I wanted to find out what they thought about Ayn Rand and the influence of her thinking on Paul Ryan. I had read online a number of interesting takes on Clint Eastwood’s bizarre performance, and wanted to talk about that as well.

My questions were left unanswered, my comments ignored, the topic changed. It turned out that most of them had not watched ANY of it! I was stunned. How could ANYONE not be fascinated with this contest, this competition for what is arguably the most important job in the world?  How could this be considered BORING?

Someone said, “I am not political like you… I don’t read your blog on political topics.” Another asked why I, a Canadian who has no vote, would care. And a third implied that since lots of other people with a lot more knowledge and vested interests were writing about it, that nothing I had to say would be of  interest.

All of this has left me incredibly discouraged. As if the Republican Convention were not bad enough on its own, I could not even find someone to talk with about how and why it was so depressing.

So I did not tell them why I was looking forward to the Democratic convention.

Nor will I blog now about how exhilarating and inspiring I found it, and about how it has restored a measure of hope about the future. Nor will I express my annoyance at all the “God blessings” and at Cardinal Dolan, Dolan of all people, being invited to provide the closing benediction and including doctrinal comments about right to life.

If you chose to watch it, there is nothing I can add to the experience. If you chose not to, why would you care about my reaction?

Rand and religion… much to worry about in terms of a secular, economic, political future!

I try to write about things that capture my attention, to share my questions and interests… my curiosity and enthusiasm…  When these trigger memories, interesting finds on the internet, references to literature and film I have enjoyed, then more questions are raised and they cycle around and enrich each other. Sometimes there are so many things to write about that I have trouble choosing.

But right now, because I have been discouraged from writing about what I am thinking about, I have writer’s block.

But as Scarlett O’Hara famously said, “After all… tomorrow is another day.”

Are you also bored with the American political scene?

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3 Responses to Boring!?

  1. FLP says:

    I watched a lot of the two conventions and found them fascinating for different reasons.

  2. debbierodgers says:

    And I’ve been wondering why you’ve not commented on Bill Clinton’s speech which was brilliant. It’s true I’m not as invested as you are in the US political process, and while I do have some interest, it’s not enough to reply as intelligently as your columns are written.

    Sometimes, topics will not generate discussion because people are busy; or feel unqualified to comment. Sometimes there’s just so much in one of your posts to which to reply that one doesn’t know where to begin.. And sometimes the topics don’t interest people, certainly, but don’t take it personally or get discouraged.

    You provide lots of food for thought whether the dialogue is happening or not. 🙂

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