Let’s Celebrate Together

This is BLOG #200! I am going to celebrate with a glass of wine and some more Kate Bush.

The Olympic Games gave me a great deal to think about, and I am far from finished with many issues that got crowded out by day-to-day concerns. What has really surprised me is not that my interest in sports has been revived… not much hope in beating that dead horse… but that I have rediscovered the music I used to enjoy so much.

My sons and their friends who used to fill the house with their music have moved on to other lives, most of the old vinyl LP’s have been discarded, although we still have a treasured few that passed the cull despite their scratches and surface noise. We no longer own a working audio tape player… all those carefully taped anthologies of favourite songs have disappeared. The lovingly collected tapes of videos from MuchMusic’s Saturday afternoon programs were recorded on BETA! Of course that was generations ago, technologically speaking, certainly BI (before internet).

(Personal aside: when I was a little girl, there was one radio in the house. It was a floor model, almost as large as a stove, wooden, with a curved top. It had vacuum tubes, and only my father was allowed to change the station or tune it.)

Hearing Annie Lennox and Kate Bush again was like unexpectedly meeting two old friends at a vacation resort. Whoever would have guessed!

So here are three full Kate Bush albums, with original video footage. It will take a while… quite a nice while… to hear them through, so you may not want to do it now.

Or join me in a celebratory glass of wine… a goal met and old friends rediscovered! Weird and wonderful.

Was that interesting?

There is lots more on YouTube…  Explore and enjoy!  And let me know what you like best, and why!

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