The Illuminati Olympics

Spirit of Zion, London, Olympic Statue

Perhaps I am just being difficult, over-thinking things, trying too hard to respond rationally instead of emotionally.

Perhaps I have been resisting the urge to be caught up in the hype and excitement of what passes for “popular culture”.

Yes, perhaps…

I have been quite caught up in the Olympics, but not in the competitions. If you have been following my posts, you may have caught a whiff of cynicism and even distaste for the whole enterprise. But I really did try, initially, to greet it with enthusiastic, open-minded curiosity.

Look at this truly disturbing piece of public sculpture erected expressly for the Olympics… and its name! Consider those hideous, vaguely triangular, one-eyed mascots. Look again at my earlier blog about the Olympic logo…Sinister or Silly?, August 3, 2012.

I went back to Internet and You Tube this morning, where I spent far too much time reading about Illuminati involvement in the Olympic movement. For example, look at this blog( how-many-illuminati-symbols-can-you-find-in-the-opening-ceremony or look at this one. (Ushering in the NWO at the London Olympics 2012)

It is all quite interesting in a creepy sort of way.  I really dislike conspiracy theories… whatever form they take. But there is a real fascination to all this business about secrets and conspiracies.

For example:  Dan Brown’s books did not become runaway best sellers because of the quality of his writing.  Deception Point was so stupid that when I finished it… yes, I do have a tendency to finish books, always hoping that they may improve as they go on… I did NOT pass it on eagerly to one of my reading friends… it went straight to recycled paper!

Brown’s other three books involve the character Robert Langdon, a hapless academic symbologist who specializes in arcane and cabalistic symbols and images. Brown says he has ideas for twelve more books featuring Robert Langdon. Fortunately, he is already so rich that he never needs to write anything else but cheques. (Forbes magazine placed Brown at No. 12 on their 2005 “Celebrity 100” list, and estimated his annual income at US$76.5 million. The Times estimated his income from Da Vinci Code sales as $250 million. Wikipedia)

These books were best sellers because they respond to our curiosity about anomalies, secrets and conspiracies. And this is not new. Remember The X Files? Or those theories so popular  years ago about “the Bermuda triangle”,  the Tunguska crater  or the alleged crash landing of a flying saucer in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico?  Or the writings of Erich von Daniken  or Major Keyhoe?

Now there are all those conspiracy theories about the London Olympics. What to believe? I see four  choices:

1. That the members of the Olympic committee are unbelievably naive, stupid and tasteless; or

2. That they have been unduly influenced by a secret society that wants to illustrate its power by hijacking the games; or

3. That it is all a hoax, a practical joke or a publicity stunt; or

4. That it’s all true.

So, what do you think?

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5 Responses to The Illuminati Olympics

  1. debbierodgers says:

    Okay – that sculpture is hideous – and the title is chilling, but….anybody can see anything in what they want.

    I think these conspiracy theorists are kooks (did you look at the ‘about’ section of that blogger you linked to?) I don’t for a minute believe that people could form a world-wide government. Look at how ununited the ‘United’ Nations is.

    Or..hmmm…maybe the Illuminati have already taken over and they control all the governments of the world, and sow discord to distract us all.

    My two cents. 🙂

  2. motleydragon says:

    Thanks for your comment. I quite agree with it.
    I also think conspiracy theorists are kooks. But sometimes even the kooks can stimulate us to think more carefully about what is happening. “Even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.”
    I find the coincidences and connections interesting. I didn’t say I believe in them.

  3. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    Thing is, Motley D, you’ve got to dig deeper. The web is full of spiders of every sort, including Arachnus fullofshittus. I did a bit of googling around, and the only sources I could find for your “Spirit of Zion” statue are real wingnunts of the David Icke variety. Which isn’t to say, as you say, that a stopped clock still can’t be right twice a day. It’s just that I don’t see any credible source backing up the claim that the “statue” in question has ever been called “Spirit of Zion(ism)” in any official way, and certainly not by the “sculptor.” It’s the same story, over and over, always with the same quote: “The piece, when you are inside of the sculpture, conveys the feeling of fear that is daily life for Palestinian families” said Burgeoise at the ceremony. ( LOL. If Bourgeois had actually said that at the “unveiling ceremony” the whole damn media industrial complex would have gone apeshit for weeks. We’d never have heard the end of it . . . and you can be sure that the “sculpture” would not have been left up for the Olympics.

    Which is another thing: the piece has been in place (at the Tate Gallery . . . John Everett Millais is spinning in his grave) since October 2007. And it wasn’t “erected” specially for the Olympics, at least if by “erected” you mean created-for-that-purpose. No, the damn thing was first concocted in the late ’90s–and its name, btw, is “Maman.” Bonus Wiki fact: there’s another version at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, purchased in 2005 for 3.2M. Your tax dollars at work.

    Now, if you want to talk _real_ conspiracies, you could look into how this repulsive fraud foisted her hideous “creations” on the world, raking in *millions* of dollars from the public purse of a dozen countries along the way. Scratch the surface, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of “Spirit of Zion” at work.

  4. motleydragon says:

    Well, CB, I seem to have been misled. Thank you for setting me straight.

    I found this report in a number of internet entries, which state that the FIRST of the series was named “Maman” and which names this casting of it as “Spirit of Zionism. Even the Lord Mayor of London linked both the sculpture and the Olympics to Zion!

    “The creature named “Spirit of zionism”, which towers over onlookers at a height of nearly 30ft (9m), is the work of 95-year-old acclaimed artist Louise Bourgeois. The City of London today unveiled a giant sculpture named “Spirit of zionism” in a ceremony on Tuesday. The sculpture by 95-year-old acclaimed artist Louise Bourgeois is made of bronze, stainless steel and marble and was one of a series of six gargantuan spiders built in the 1990s, the first of which was called “Maman”. “The piece, when you are inside of the sculpture, conveys the feeling of fear that is daily life for Palestinian families” said Burgeoise at the ceremony. Lord Mayor of London John Stuttard said that the sculpture was “in keeping with the ZION theme that we presented in our 2012 Games LOGO”.

    I do like your name for it,” Arachnus fullofshittus”. What have they named the $3.2million travesty in Ottawa?

    The acclaimed Mme Bourgeois has made a pile of money casting six identical monstrosities. What is the appeal, especially if there is more than one?

    I must check it out at the National Gallery website.

  5. motleydragon says:

    Believe it or not, this link even has a picture of the spider in the plaza outside the National Gallery of Canada.

    How could I not have known about this? It is so hideous… and it has nothing to do with Canadian art or Canadian heritage!

    Why are we spending our precious art funding this way? Are there no worthy Canadian artists, and do we have to have a copy of something so preposterous?

    CB, you have brought up something truly disturbing, in more ways than one!

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