Nationalism and the Olympic “ideal”

Adam Gopnik, columnist for The New Yorker, has some interesting comments on nationalism in the Olympics.

He begins by outlining the absurdity of this nationalistic fervor, but goes on to demonstrate its civic value. Food for thought…

We are about to enter that period, which occurs every four years, when Americans become passionate about athletes we have never heard of participating in games we do not follow trying to please judges we cannot see according to rules we do not know. The fullness of our ignorance never diminishes the pitch of our Olympic enthusiasm….

Although the relationship between having national virtue and being good at sports is much like the one that pertains at school recess between those who are strong and fast and those who are wise and kind, there is still something to be said for making a big coast-to-coast noise for the smaller sports.

Click here to read the whole the article

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