Cultural Mosaic or Melting Pot?

Happy Fourth of July to our American Neighbours!

Yesterday I wrote about patriotism and nationalism, about the national celebrations of Canada and the USA, about immigrants and flags, and about the Olympics. This video skims over all of these topics. The conclusion is particularly informative.

Tom Brokaw briefly explains the relationship between Canada and The United States in this travelogue that aired on NBC during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Bill Somes sheds further light on the difference by explaining national immigration policy… accommodation (Canada) and assimilation  (USA).  Canada is a like a mosaic, whereas the USA is a melting pot. Perhaps that difference explains the Italian and Spanish flags prominently displayed in Canada for the soccer tournament, as well as the overwhelming presence of the stars and stripes every day in the US. (See yesterday’s blog.)

Somes sums up the policy difference very concisely and evaluates each approach.  He predicts trouble ahead for European nations that must face the degree of immigration we have always known in North America, but without clear traditions or strategies

Food for thought in an increasingly crowded and shrinking world!


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