Super Mario and Soccer 101


Yes, I do know that this is the wrong one.  To tell the truth I know as little about Nintendo as I do about soccer. But just ask me about Quidditch!

My husband and sons do not follow sports avidly… thank goodness… but they do pay attention to championships.

So I must inform myself to keep a place in the conversation. Hamilton has a very large Italo-Canadian community that  closed down main streets in the city yesterday afternoon for their flag bearing, horn honking victory parade. I’d better investigate the cause of this hysteria… certainly before Sunday’s final against Spain.

Here is the “real” super Mario… Mario Balotelli, who scored both Italian goals in Italy’s victory over Germany. No wonder the crowds went wild… he not only won for Italy, he has a very interesting family story and his legendary misbehavior has made him a favourite with the media! From Wikipedia: Balotelli is credited with pace, strength, and technical ability, but criticized for a poor and immature attitude. In recognition of his talent, he has often been admiringly nicknamed “Super Mario” by the media. Balotelli is also a set-piece specialist due to his powerful shot, and is regarded by teammates and the media as a promising but undisciplined player. In his two years at Manchester City, he has received five red cards and numerous suspensions.

For my blog friends who, like me, need a cram course on this topic, I’ll keep it simple. There are, after all, more important things to think about… yeah, sure!

Click here for information about Balotelli. Worth reading, from Wikipedia.

Click here for an account of the Italy-German game. Excellent sports narrative from The New York Times.

Click here for all you need to know about soccer… your  friends will think you’re an expert even if you still don’t know what a yellow card means. From a favourite site, Random History.

On Sunday I plan to sit in the garden and read…  but just to be safe, for dinner we will be eating Italian food with Spanish wine!


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2 Responses to Super Mario and Soccer 101

  1. debbierodgers says:

    And your garden will be the safest place to be in Hamilton on Sunday – especially if Italy wins.

  2. motleydragon says:

    Yes, I think it will be a wild ride in the “North End” whoever wins. On the other hand, it must be fun sitting in a sports bar or on a restaurant patio watching the game with a group of committed supporters. I drive down James Street North from time to time and wonder what these little spots are like. There is nothing like them any where else in the city. Where I live it is all fast food chains. BORING!

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