Fortnight for Freedom

The Archbishop of New York holds up a foam finger promoting “A Fortnight for Freedom” conference sponsored by the Catholic church,

Don’t you just love this image!?

A prominent Catholic clergyman apparently celebrating the two-week long publicity campaign to support opposition to world opinion, common reason, and the decisions of the US government.

Laughing, instead of weeping, or at least looking very thoughtful, about  the other news stories about Catholicism this week.

Extending until July 4, the Catholic Church in the United States has called for “prayer and public witness for religious freedom” to call attention not only to the issues raised by the HHS mandate for contraception coverage but also to the important role of religious expression in American society.

It is Sunday again.  I don’t go to church because I don’t believe. But I do know that what is happening in religion here in Canada, in the U.S.A, and worldwide, has tremendous impact on everything else. So I pay attention to religion. So I read, and I think, and sometimes I blog about it.

What I want is a two-week campaign about Freedom FROM religion… from all the coercion, from the intellectual and emotional bullying, from doubt and guilt, from magical beliefs, from irrational thinking and unreasonable behaviour.

That any intelligent, literate, thinking adult still subscribes to ANY religion would continue to astonish me, except that I know from experience the difficulty of escaping childhood indoctrination and social pressure.  It is hard and lonely work to break that spell. There may be millions of atheists out there, but each is struggling alone against peer pressure and the doubts created by isolation… if everyone else believes… and they are smart and good people… then maybe I am wrong.

The answer to this is in a charming little anecdote. For show and tell in kindergarten, one of the children brought in his pet rabbit. Another child asked whether it was a boy rabbit or a girl rabbit, and one of the children said, “Let’s vote!”

So here are the most interesting articles I found this morning. What do YOU think?

From the Hamilton Spectator, the news of financial and political scandal at the Vatican.    I seem to have picked up the local comment stream as welland can’t detete it.

From National Public Radio, the news of the struggle against the health care provisions passed by the Obama administration.

From the Christian Science Monitor, more about the sex abuse scandals  and also here

And just for interest sake…from the Huffington Post, another male attempt to silence women.


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