Happy Feet

Ah yes! Happy feet… don’t you wish you could move like that!?

Shopping was not my first choice of activities for today, but I decided that the dressy outfit I am planning to wear to the reunion looked a little silly with my scuffed old black sandals. My criteria were simple… a heel I could walk in, enough support to keep them on my feet, black, comparatively dressy as opposed to funky, beachy, or just plain weird, and preferably under $100! After a wasted afternoon I came home empty-handed. Those scuffed old black birks are looking mighty fine.

I went on-line to find the fantasy shoes I had seen on one of my favourite blogs, My Modern Metropolis.

If such shoes tempt you, even for a minute, to think about anything but laughter, read this article about high heel horrors, or watch these well-trained and experienced models come to grief while wearing extravagant shoes.

I tend to find a pair of shoes… or two or three… that are really comfortable and then wear them until they fall apart. It is quite useless to then go shopping for replacements similar to shoes you bought five years ago or even longer. Ask me how I know! And the question has become whether new shoes break in my feet or my feet break in the new shoes… either way it is uncomfortable and to be avoided as long as possible.

So I shall wear my old sandals with my special outfit… happy feet  are essential to a happy day!

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