EBook…or EmBook? Stitching Idyllic Spring Flowers

My first eBook is an embroidery book by my good friend, Ann Bernard, from the Canadian Embroidery Guild, Guelph. It seems fitting that this purchase should combine two hobbies… needlework, and using the computer as a source of information. I will read it on the big computer at the desk.

Because printing with colour plates is so expensive, Ann decided to make her book available online, a much less expensive option for stitchers like me who already own a bookcase full of beautiful eye candy and redundant information. This book is very different… techniques, not projects (a definite mark in its favour for anyone who wants to create her own designs).Yet it contains everything you need to know even to learn from scratch and to set up your own personally designed project.  And it costs less than a specialized magazine! If you want a print copy, or a DIY printable copy, check Ann’s website for details. The links are given below.

I hesitated about whether to buy it online or as a printed edition. Now I know I made the correct choice. I can plan the design at the computer desk and. I can sit and sew at the computer, the light is good and the desk is large enough. There is a very comfortable wheeled chair, and the television is right beside me.

I really like the techniques. The flowers are quite accurate, but use only very simple stitches, and are just vaguely sketched in once the plan is devised… no careful marking of patterns, no lines to cover or try to remove. No stiff bouquets, or cliche sprays, but lovely little garden scenes. They are so delicate and evocative, and the setting is uniquely your own.  Best of all, I will have the opportunity to do all this with instruction from a classically trained master (mistress?) of the art.

You can learn a lot about the book and sample                                                                            the wonderful clarity of Ann’s diagrams and explanations on her website here,  http://annbernard.com/about.html

The book is available through eBookIt.com on this page   http://www.ebookit.com/books/0000001212/Stitching-Idyllic-Spring-Flowers.html

There is also an enthusiastic  book review by Mary Corbet on her amazing embroidery website,    Needle’n Thread  http://www.needlenthread.com/2012/05/stitch-your-own-garden.html

Mary is a leading expert on embroidery, and she gives Ann’s book high praise! Check out the review, and the other features while you are there. These include over 50 stitch  tutorials, free patterns, current projects, and useful tips and techniques, as well as shopping opportunitied for specialized embroidery supplies. A real treasure trove for stitchers!

If you are not already an enthusiastic embroiderer, everything you need to get started can be found in Ann’s book and Mary’s website!

Such a weird and wonderful age we live in… to have available this strange combination of one of the earliest known art forms… the surface embellishment of textiles… with the latest in high-tech delivery systems for up-to-the-minute information! My teenage grand-daughter is coming to visit this week. She has an eReader and also loves to embroider.  Her sixteenth birthday is coming… I wonder if she also would like to own Ann’s book?

What a difference! I learned my needlecrafts from a dog-eared old Bucilla instruction guide. It was pedantic and boring. I practised using ugly and cheap five and dime materials to make red work pot holders and dish towels and baby bibs. But I loved it and persevered. I hope my grand daughters, both of them, will as well.

I think I will take my granddaughter to the Royal Botanical Gardens for tea, and we will walk around the rock gardens… the rockery plants are at their best, and there should be some bulbs still in bloom, with the iris and peonies just coming out!

We’ll take the camera and start to plan some lovely little projects! These are some of the images from the RBG online, but it would be fun to take our own! Or I might just use my own garden! Or make up some flower gardens… I can work on these beds in the middle of winter! The possibilities are endless…

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