Time Perspective

Big Ben gets his face washed

Last week that silly commercial that showed a nursing mother and a cookie led me to a parody of Dali’s painting The Persistence of Memory, and from that to four favourite poems about how we perceive and describe time as we pass through life.

Now I am going to share three more blogs about time.  The first is an RSAnimation based on a lecture by Philip Zimbardo called The Secret Powers of Time.

We learn that time perspective affects individuals, cities, even whole economies and societies in profound ways, and that there are geographical and cultural roots to explain this. Time perspective influences personal health and happiness, all addictions, and our social culture. In education, classrooms and schools have an analog base, while the brains of  the students, especially boys who play video games, have been altered for performance in an exclusively digital time frame.

Six responses to time characterize our lives: Past (positive or negative), Present (hedonistic or fatalistic) and Future (Catholic or Protestant). I hear myself saying, “yes, but these categories are not mutually exclusive… I can identify myself within the extreme poles of each time category… but am I predominantly past, present or future… and does this change as one ages?”

Can a relationship or family be happy and successful if, let’s say, the husband is “present hedonistic” and the wife is “future protestant” or if Gram is “past negative” and everyone  else is “future catholic”?

Can you identify your own orientation or that of others you know well?

Or is this just more psycho-babble theorizing … what do you think?

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