Crazy Enough

The world needs the crazy ones far more than it needs gardeners of the status quo.

So, be open to a “leaner” process that allows for input and insight, rapid iteration and evolution in the name of accelerated learning.

Be open to the possibility of your hunches and assumptions being proven wrong.

Be open to the need to change course, to the possibility that what got you here won’t get you there.

Be open to feedback, to judgment, more specifically judgment built not just upon opinion, but upon fact.

Invite experience on a level that allows you to validate (or invalidate) hunch with data.

But, also be open to the possibility that while all the input, insight and data may lead you down the road to a faster horse, if your gut keeps telling you a combustion engine awaits in the ether, then the ether is the place you need to brave.

Judgment be damned.

This is quoted from an article  in Psychology Today called Steven Jobs: The Power of Being Crazy Enough. The author argues that you have to be crazy enough – not too crazy and not too little – to think differently. The reading was used in voice-overs for a series of Apple ads showing images of change makers who were crazy enough to make a difference.

I like that concept… crazy enough!  Would we all be happier and more successful if we focused on enough… busy enough, wealthy enough, warm enough, loved enough, loving enough? The advertising and social pressure around us encourage us always to want more, to want perfection, to want what is unattainable, to strive for that which is beyond our ability or beyond our means.

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